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Below are links to other websites that may be of interest to the environmentally curious.

Mini Logo Iowa

Friends of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge
Various Environmental Related Iowa Sites
Iowa Conservation and Environmental

Mini Logo Landscaping

Native Landscaping - The Wild Ones
Living Snow Fences Landscaping
Pesticide Effects and Alternatives - Rachel Carson Society
Asian Longhorn Beetle Infestation Alert
National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides

Mini Logo Water Issues
{Coming soon--Check back later}


Mini Logo Urban Sprawl

Planners Web: Sprawl Resource Guide


Mini Logo Global Warming

Global Warming - The Sierra Clubs Site on Global Warming


Mini Logo Forests

Northwest Ancient Forests

Mini Logo Flora & Fauna

{Coming soon--Check back later}


Mini LogoBioTech-GM Foods

{Coming soon--Check back later}


Mini Logo Renewable Energy and Resources

Rocky Mountain Institute
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology

Mini Logo Camping & Outdoor Activities

The Hot Spring link

Mini Logo EcoFriendly Businesses

Alternatives - Household supplies and Goodies in Iowa City Area
New Pioneer Co-op Grocery - In Iowa City
Blooming Prairie Warehouse
- List of businesses across the country


Mini Logo Environmental Organizations

Defenders of Wildlife - Their GREEN Pages, a grassroots environmental network.
Predator Project's website


Mini Logo Environmental E-Zines

The Thin Green Line - Adam Werbach's Environmental TV Magazine

GreenU Site of the Month Award
[E] The Environmental Magazine
Horizon Solutions Site - Provides peer reviewed answers to problems in the environment

Mini Logo International Info

World Facts - The CIA Fact book
Sierra's Population Website
The Population Stabilization Project


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