2014 Iowa Legislature    


The Iowa Chapter tracks bills that are important to the Chapter and to the environment.   The 2014 Legislative session began January 13.  The Chapter is tracking the following bills that have been introduced.

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Last updated 05/09/2014

Date Introduced Category Bill Number Description SC Position Introduced by Status
2/17/14 ATVs on highways SF2287 (was SSB3192) Allows ATVs with 4+ wheels on secondary highways.  Allows counties and cities to pass ordinances prohibiting ATVs on county roads or municipal extensions of primary highways.  Strikes counties and cities from designating roads for ATV operation.  Must be licensed 16 year old, have proof of financial liability and registered ATV with DNR. Oppose Transportation Subcom Brase, Beall, Zumbach. Passed committee 10-2 on 2/24/14. Moved to unfinished business on 3/13/14.
1/28/14 Renewable Energy SR103 Supports extending federal wind energy production tax credit. Beall and 40 others Ways & Means.  Passed committee 1-30-14.  Passed Senate 49-0 on 2/5/14.
1/15/14 RFS SR101 Urges U. S. Government to support a robust and sustainable RFS and use all efforts to meet the highest possible renewable fuel volume requirements set forth in the current RFS. Oppose Ragan and 49 other Senators Agriculture.  Committee recommended passage 1-15-14.  Passed by voice vote on 1-16-14.
1/27/14 RFS SJR2001 Urges US government to support a robust and sustainable renewable fuel standard Oppose Beall Agriculture.
2/13/13 Solar installation tax credits SF431 (formerly SSB1175) Modifies individual and corporate tax credits for installing solar energy systems. Permits taxpayer to claim more than one credit providing it's for separate and distinct solar installations.  Also provides for unclaimed tax credits in one year to be made available for the following tax year in addition to those available in the tax year up to $1.5 million. Support Ways & Means Subcom Hogg, Bolkcom, Behn. Passed Committee 15-0 on 4/1/13. Placed on unfinished business calendar 4/4/13. Amended to require taxpayer to submit application for each separate installation, passed Senate 50-0 on 4/9/13. Referred to House Ways & Means 4/9/13; subcom Windschitl, Oldson,  Sands.
2/11/13 Product Stewardship SF306  (was SSB1138) Requires DNR to prepare/submit product stewardship report identifying solid waste according to product or product category; use the report to recommend strategy to efficiently manage solid waste; recommend establishment of product stewardship program that implements or improves upon strategy DNR developed including legislative proposals or adoption of proposed rules. Support Environment & Natural Resources Subcom Bolkcom, Hogg, Johnson.  Passed Committee 9-4 on 2/28/13. Renamed SF306 on 3/4/13. Passed Senate 26-22 on 3/27/13. Referred to House Natural Resources on 3/28/13.  Subcom Salmon, Maxwell, Ruff on 1/23/14.
2/4/13 Voter registration  SF2203 (was SF127) Restores felons' rights to vote and hold public office after discharge from criminal sentence. Support Dearden State Government.  Subcom Dearden, Sodders, Whitver.  Subcom reassigned to Dearden, Feenstra, Sodders. Passed committee 9-6 on 2/17/14. Sent to State Government on 3/13/14.
1/9/14 Paddlefish fishing licenses SF2198 (was SSB3003) (see HSB565) Authorizes NRC to issue paddlefish fishing licenses for use on the Missouri and Big Sioux rivers pursuant to the commissionís powers to maintain biological balance. Support DNR Environment & Natural Resources.  Subcom Black, Schoenjahn, Zumbach.  Passed committee 11-0 on 2/17/14. Referred to Ways & Means on 2/19/14. Subcom Black, Behn, Seng. Passed committee 14-0 on 3/11/14. Moved to unfinished business on 3/13/14. Passed Senate 47-0 on 3/17/14. House subcom Forristall, Maxwell, Thomas. Passed House 94-0 on 3/25/14.Governor signed 4/3/14.
1/10/14 DNR AQ permits SF2197 (SSB3004) (see HSB564) This bill eliminates DNR's ability to issue certain conditional permits related to air and water quality to electric power generating facilities.   DNR Natural Resources & Environment.  Subcom Bolkcom, Hogg, Rozenboom. Passed committee 11-0 on 2/17/14. Passed Senate 49-0 on 2/24/14. Passed House 99-0  on 3/4/14. Sent to governor 3/11/14. Governor signed 3/14/14.
2/11/14 Rural and urban woodlands and trees SF2248 (was SF2159) Requires DNR and IDALS to establish a woodland health advisory committee to develop a statewide comprehensive plan.  Committee would include more than 30 representatives of various organizations, including the Sierra Club.  Requests legislative council to establish an interim study committee composed of Senate and House members to meet during 2014 interim. Support Bolkcom Natural Resources & Environment. Subcom Bokcom, Black, Rozenboom.  Passed committee 12-0 on 2/18/14. Passed Senate 43-5 on 3/4/14. House Natural Resources.  Subcom Rayhons, Ruff, Salmon. Passed Committee  on 3/13/14.  Referred to Natural Resources on 3/21/14.
1/27/14 ATV SF2128 (formerly SF2058)  See HF2216. Defines ATV for purposes of DNR regulation.   Beall Transportation. Subcom Beall, Brase, Zumbach. Passed Committee 12-0 on 2/6/14. Attached to HF 2216. Withdrawn 2/24/14.
1/23/14 Campaign contribution reporting SF2119 (formerly SSB3065) Requires electronic filing of campaign contributions; requires reporting of more than $25 individual; raises minimum reporting amounts for contributions (by specified "committees"), expenditures, or indebtedness to amounts in excess of $1,000.  Allows permanent organizations to make a one-time, $1,000 contribution to one candidate. Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board State Government. Subcom Danielson, Petersen, Feenstra. Passed committee 12-0 on 2/6/14. Passed Senate 45-3 on 3/3/14. House State Government.  Subcom Grassley, Hein, Winckler. Passed committee 21-2 on 3/11/14. Referred to State Government on 3/21/14.
2/4/14 Natural gas SF2338 (was SF2308 and SF2101) (see HF2441) Revises the method of calculating the excise tax on compressed natural gas used as a special fuel and increases the tax.  Establishes an excise tax on liquefied petroleum gas used as a special fuel. Both rates are calculated to be equivalent to the motor fuel tax.   Bowman Transportation.  Subcom Bowman, Brase, Kapucian. Passed committee 13-0 on 2/18/14. Referred to Ways & Means 2/26/14.  Subcom Dotzler, Feenstra, Hogg. Passed committee 14-0 on 3/11/14. Passed Senate 45-0 on 3/18/14.  Passed House 98-0 on 3/18/14. Governor signed 3/26/14. Fiscal Note
1/22/14 Renewable energy tax credits SF2343 (was SF2032) Extends tax credits by one year for qualifying renewable energy facilities placed into service 1-1-05 to 1-1-15. Amendment S5098 - IUB suggested language for qualifications; technical to meet needs of IUB on how they recognize credits. Ragan Ways & Means. Subcom Hogg, Schneider, Seng. Passed committee 15-0 on 2/24/14.  Passed Senate 48-0 on 2/27/14.  Passed on file 2/27/14. Passed Committee 15-0 on 3/24/14.  Introduced SF2343 on 3/24/14.  Amended, passed 46-0 on 3/27/14.Referred to House Ways & Means.  Subcom Landon, Forristall, Kelley.  Passed Committee 4/17/14.  Passed House 91-4 on 4/23/14. Fiscal Note
1/13/14 Regents Solar Power SF2005 (see HF2203) Establishes a solar energy initiative involving the installation of solar energy systems of no less than 2,000 kW of generating capacity per system at U of Iowa, ISU and UNI by 6-30-17.  Equipment must be manufactured in the US.  Appropriates $18 million from general fund to Regents to be distributed equally among the three universities. Support Hogg Appropriations.  Subcom Hogg, Chapman, Dvorsky.
1/13/14 Public Health SF 2090 (formerly SF2009) Requires IDPH to establish and facilitate a Lyme Disease task force. Support Sodders Human Resources. Subcom Mathis, Quirmbach,  Segebart.  Passed committee 12-0 on 1/30/14. Passed Senate 49-0 on 2/26/14. House Human Resources.  Subcom L. Miller, Abdul-Samad, Forristall.
1/22/14 Farm Bill HR102 The US Congress immediately enacts a new federal food, farm, and jobs bill.   Muhlbauer and 59 others.  Passed House by voice vote on 1-27-14. Passed U.S. Congress and signed by President.
1/15/14 RFS HR101 Urges U. S. Government to support a robust and sustainable RFS and use all efforts to meet the highest possible renewable fuel volume requirements set forth in the current RFS. Oppose Grassley and 56 other representatives Passed 1-16-14.
1/14/14 Watershed improvement grants HF2345 (was HF2001) Adds watershed management authorities to the list of entities eligible to apply for and receive local watershed improvement grants. Authorities are created by two or more political subdivisions through a 28E agreement, and the political subdivisions must be located in the same US geological survey hydrologic unit code 8 watershed. Support Isenhart, Hanson Agriculture. Subcom Klein, Bearinger, Shaw. Passed committee 23-0 on 2/18/14. Referred to Agriculture 3/14/14.
2/19/14 Rec lake, WQ and combined rec lake and WQ districts HF2340 Provides that the property and facilities of a district organized under Code chapter 357E shall not be taxable in any manner by the state or any of its political subdivisions; specifies that a district organized under 357E is a tax-certifying body for sales or use tax construction contractor refunds, construction contracts with tax-certifying bodies and becomes a "designated exempt entity"; exempts from property taxation the property of a district organized under 357E when devoted to public use and not held for pecuniary profit. Oppose Hein Ways & Means. Subcom Hein, Gaskill, Hagenow. Fiscal Note
2/19/14 Permeable paving and reservoir retention in parking lots HF2338 Requires permeable paving or a reservoir retention system to be used in construction of a new parking lot associated with a commercial building intending to be open 24/7.  Does not apply to multiple story parking ramp, lot with capacity of less than 150 spaces or a parking lot built by the state, political subdivision of the state or a school district. Support Lundby, Hanson, Murphy, Wessel-Kroeschell, T. Olson Environmental Protection. 
2/19/14 Net metering HF2336 Establishes net metering program applicable to rate-regulated electric utilities with objective to facilitate interconnection of distributed generation facilities; defines distributed generation facility; provides IUB to utilize existing standard offer contract forms; provides that a distributed generation facility seeking to interconnect with an electric utility shall submit an application to the IUB; requires rate-regulated electric utilities to be purchasing a minimum of 5 percent of required electrical output by 7/1/19.   Kajtazovic Commerce. Subcom Cownie, Kressig, Soderberg.
1/27/14 DNR AQ permits HF2226 (was HSB564) (see SSB3004) This bill eliminates DNR's ability to issue certain conditional permits related to air and water quality to electric power generating facilities. Undecided DNR Natural Resources. Subcom Klein, Gassman, Wessel-Kroeschell. Passed committee 19-0 on 2/11/14. Substituted SF 2197 on 3/4/14. Withdrawn 3/4/14.
1/29/14 ATV HF2216 (was HSB585) (see SSB3002 and SF2128 formerly SF2058) Defines ATV for purposes of DNR regulation. Undecided Natural Resources. Subcom Highfill, Hanson, Rayhons.  Passed committee on 2/11/14. Passed House 99-0 on 2/18/14. Attached to SF2128. Substituted for HF2216; passed Senate 49-0 on 2/24/14. Sent to Governor 3/4/14. Governor signed on 3/7/14.
2/11/14 Solar  HF2203 (see SF2005) Establishes a solar energy initiative involving the installation of solar energy systems of no less than 2,000 kW of generating capacity per system at U of Iowa, ISU and UNI by 6-30-17.  Equipment must be manufactured in the US.  Appropriates $18 million from general fund to Regents to be distributed equally among the three universities. Support Kajtazovic, Kelley, Kressig, Berry, Isenhart Appropriations. Subcom Watts, Gustafson, Jacoby.
1/27/14 Paddlefish fishing license HF2171 (was HF2062 and HSB565) (see SSB3003) Authorizes NRC to issue paddlefish fishing licenses for use on the Missouri and Big Sioux rivers pursuant to the commissionís powers to maintain biological balance. Support Jorgensen, Dawson Natural Resources.  Subcom Shaw, Hall, Salmon. Passed subcom 2/5/14. Referred to Ways & Means on 2/6/12. Subcom Forristall, Maxwell, Thomas.
2/5/14 REAP celebratory appropriation HF2150 Appropriates $650,000 from GF to DNR to celebrate 25th anniversary of REAP with 95% to be granted to public entities or nonprofit organizations for public events. Support Isenhart Appropriations. Subcom Drake, Deyoe, Jacoby.
2/5/14 Natural gas HF2441 (was HF2149) Revises the method of calculating the excise tax on compressed natural gas used as a special fuel and increases the tax.  Establishes an excise tax on liquefied petroleum gas used as a special fuel. Both rates are calculated to be equivalent to the motor fuel tax.   Byrnes Ways & Means. Subcom Moore, Byrnes, Riding. Passed committee 24-0 on 3/6/14.Substituted for SF2338 on 3/18/14.   Withdrawn on 3/18/14.
1/29/14 Nutrient credit trading study HF2077 Appropriates $175,000 to IDALS to begin developing a nutrient credit earning and trading initiative, including a pilot project.  IDALS must investigate feasibility of establishing an interstate nutrient credit earning and trading program among states in Mississippi River basin.   Report due to GA by 12-1-14. Oppose Isenhart Appropriations. Subcom Drake, Deyoe, Jacoby.
1/28/14 Solid waste HF2346 (was HF2069) Adds "managed output product" definition to Code, excludes it from "solid waste" if it is sold and distributed for consumption use or further processing into another product. Undecided Kaufmann Natural Resources.  Subcom Maxwell, Bacon, Ourth. Passed subcom 2/11/14. Passed 99-0 on 3/4/14. Senate Natural Resources & Environment.  Subcom Brase, Breitbach, Dearden. Passed  House 96--0 on 3/10/14. Passed House 47-0 on 3/17/14.Signed by Governor on 3/26/14.
1/14/14 Youth turkey hunting HF2067 (formerly HF2004) A person issued a youth spring wild turkey hunting license and does not take a wild turkey during the youth spring wild turkey hunting season may use the license and unused tag during any other wild turkey hunting season established by the NRC. Oppose HF2067 introduced by Natural Resources Committee; HF2004 introduced by Ruff Natural Resources.  Subcom Fisher, Baudler, Ruff. Passed subcom 1/23/14.Passed House 98-0 on 2/11/14. Senate Natural Resources & Environment, subcom Dearden, Brase, Zumbach. Passed committee 12-0 on 2/27/14 . Amended, passed  Senate 49-0 on 3/4/14. Amendment makes bill effective upon enactment. House concurred with amendment.  Passed House 99-0 on 3/5/14. Signed by Governor on 3/14/14.
2/10/14 Voter registration and elections administration HF 2354 (was HSB630) (see SSB3131) Requires absentee ballots to be received in commissioner's office before polls close on election day in order to be counted; allows required affidavit be printed on return envelope; repeals currently required designation of voter's party affiliation on affidavit for primary elections.  Oppose State Government. Subcom Hagenow, Stanerson, Winckler. Passed committee 15-8 on 2/18/14.  Placed on unfinished business calendar 3/14/14.  Referred to State Government on 3/21/14. Fiscal Note
2/4/14 Manure applicator certification HF2367 (was HF2110) Reduces from three to two the number of hours required for manure applicator continuing education. Oppose Agriculture.  (HF2110 introduced by Klein) HF2110 went to Agriculture.  Subcom Klein, Cownie, Hanson. Passed subcom on 2/13/14.) Passed House 68-31 on 3/5/14. Referred to Senate Agriculture on 3/6/14.
1/14/13 Solid waste SF2212 (was SF2013) Adds yard waste to land disposal resulting from a severe storm originating in an area declared a disaster area and when the waste is collected from removing emerald ash borer infested trees. Support McCoy Natural Resources & Environment.  Subcom Wilhelm, Dotzler,  Johnson.  Passed committee 11-0 on 2/17/14. Passed Senate 50-0 on 2/25/14. House Environmental Protection.  Subcom Maxwell, Gassman, Lensing. Passed committee 21-0 on 3/11/14. Amended, passed House 98-0 on 3/18/14.  Amendment makes effective on enactment. Senate concurred with House amendment.  Passed Senate 48-0 on 3/26/14. Governor signed 4/3/14.
1/30/14 Voter registration and elections administration  SF2301 (was SSB3131) (see HF2354, was HSB630) Requires absentee ballots to be received in commissioner's office by no later than the day after election day in order to be counted except members of armed forces whose ballots are due by noon the following Monday; allows required affidavit be printed on return envelopes.  Support State Government. Subcom Courtney, Dearden, Feenstra. Passed committee 8-7 on 2/24/14. Amended, passed Senate 26-23 on 3/4/14.  Amendment requires postmark no later than day before election and received by the next Monday. Passed on file 3/5/14. .   Referred to House State Government committee on 3/21/14. Fiscal Note
2/25/14 ATVs on highways HF2395 (was HSB662) (See SF2287, was SSB3192) Allows ATVs with 4+ wheels on secondary highways.  Allows counties and cities to pass ordinances prohibiting ATVs on county roads or municipal extensions of primary highways.  Strikes counties and cities from designating roads for ATV operation.  Must be licensed 16 year old, have proof of financial liability and registered ATV with DNR. Oppose Transportation Subcom Moore, Kaufmann, Riding.  Passed subcom 2/19/14.  Passed House 71-28 on 3/5/14. Moved to unfinished business 3/13/14. Attached to SF2287 on 3/6/14.
2/25/14 Energy finance program HF2391 Authorizes cities and counties to establish an energy finance program to finance energy improvements for the benefit of property owners; defines energy improvement;  improvements must be permanently affixed to real property; allows governing body to initiate participation in program by adopting a resolution of intent, to include a schedule for packaging assessments, prioritizing approved applications and energy analysis requirements; authorizes development of petitions for use by property owners applying for the program; specifies procedures for adoption of schedule; authorizes utilization of tax increment financing to fund special assessments in urban renewal area; requires economic development authority to determine an inspection procedure to verify completion of energy improvement. Kajtazovic Commerce. Subcom Cownie, Kressig, Soderberg.
2/25/14 solar tax credits SF2340 (was SSB3201) Increases current tax credit amounts to 75 percent of federal residential energy efficient property credit related to solar energy, not to exceed $5,000, and 75 percent of the federal energy credit related to solar energy systems, not to exceed $20,000.  Also increases cumulative amount of income tax credits from $1.5 million to $4.5 million annually.  S5104 amendment, of $4.5 million available, $1 million available for residential users and if not used, credits to be available for other taxpayers. H8306 reduced credits from $4.5 million to $3 million. Ways & Means Subcom Bolkcom, Hogg, Smith.  Passed committee 13-0 on 3/13/14. SF2340 passed committee 13-0 on 3/17/14. Amended, passed Senate 46-0 on 3/17/14. Referred to House Commerce on 3/27/14. Subcom Forristall, Isenhart, Landon.  Passed Committee 4/17/14.  Amended (H8306), passed House 90-4 on 4/24/14. Senate refused to concur; House receded amendment  on 4/25/14. Passed House 88-4 on 4/25/14. Fiscal Note
2/6/14 Radon testing in schools SF2262 (was SF2127) Public schools require radon testing at least once by 6/30/16 and once every 10 years thereafter.  Requires second test performance within 90 days if test results are at or above 4 picocuries per liter. Mitigation and alternative radon mitigation plans must be developed and implemented  as prescribed by IDPH. Support McCoy Education. Subcom Bowman, Behn, Hart. Passed committee 10-5 on 2/24/14. Amended, passed 35-14 on 3/4/14.  Amendments require IDPH to adopt rules, publish results and submit to Dept. of Education; remove mitigation. House Education.  Subcom Koester, Dolecheck, Gaines. Fiscal Note
2/26/14 Radon testing in schools HF2412 Establishes a school radon testing and mitigation grant program. Kajtazovic Education.
2/27/14 WQ programs SSB3202 Appropriates $23 million to IFA for WQ protection grant program; grants may be awarded to municipalities or industries participating in a nutrient trading pilot project or demo project to purchase trading credits or to implement WQ practices as described in the Iowa nutrient reduction strategy to comply with tech-based effluent limits for nutrients.  Grants cannot exceed $500,000 apiece.  Requires cost-share. Oppose  Appropriations Subcom Danielson, Dvorsky, Schoenjahn, Chapman, Kapucian.
1/30/14 Electronic voter registration SF2278 (was SSB3130) (see HF2243) Allows electronic voter registration; requires all information currently included in paper form on electronic form; requires valid government-issued identification for registering electronically; requires registrant to attest to eligibility requirement; requires registrant to authorize state elections commissioner to use applicant's DOT signature; requires state elections commissioner to verify identification used to apply and to transmit to appropriate registration commissioner a completed application and electronic signature; extends voter registration fraud to include electronic registration. Support State Government. Subcom Danielson, Courtney, Chapman. Passed Committee 15-0 on 2/24/14. Passed Senate 48-0 on 3/3/14.  House State Government, subcom Hagenow, Hunter, Stanerson. Fiscal Note
2/7/13 Crossbow hunting HF499 (formerly HF162) Directs NRC to adopt rules allowing the hunting of deer by crossbow during the same times as muzzle loading rifle or muzzle loading pistol.   Bacon Natural Resources; subcom Fisher, Bacon, Ourth. Passed Committee 20-0 on 3/5/13. Renamed HF499 on 3/11/13. Amended, passed House 95-0 on 3/27/13. Referred to Senate Natural Resources & Environment; subcom Dearden, Black, Greiner. Passed Committee on 3/28/13. Moved to unfinished business calendar 4/11/13. Passed Senate 49-0 on 4/8/14. Signed by Governor on 4/25/14.
2/5/14 Agency rulemaking HF2385 (was HF2157) Requires that the preamble to proposed rulemaking specifically cite the statute being implemented, and that agencies accept written material in an electronic format, and allow persons to make oral presentations on rules through the Iowa communications network or other electronic means.  Prohibits agencies from implementing a federal statute, regulation, or policy in a manner that exceeds the specific requirements of the federal statute, regulation, or policy, unless explicitly authorized by state law. Oppose Pettengill, R. Olson State Government. Subcom  Pettengill, Hunter,  Stanerson. Passed subcom 2/19/14. Amended, passed House 77-23 on 3/12/14. Referred to Senate State Government on 3/13/14.
1/24/13 Radon testing SF366 (formerly SF49) Requires radon testing and mitigation in schools. Committee amendment H8114 removes all language in bill and replaces it with radon testing in schools. Support McCoy Referred to State Government; subcom McCoy, Chapman, Petersen. Passed committee 8-6 on 3/4/13. Amended, passed Senate 37-13 on 3/20/13.  Referred to House Local Government; subcom Windschitl, Highfill, Kressig. Passed committee with recommended amendment 21-0 on 3/12/14. Amended (H8114), passed House 99-1 on 3/18/14.  Concurred with S5084 by voice vote.  Passed Senate 39-10 on 4/8/14. Governor signed 4/17/14. Fiscal note
3/24/14 Renewable fuels SF2344 (was SF2333) Provides for biobutanol and biobutanol blended gasoline, modifying the rate of the E-15 plus gasoline promotion tax credit and extending provisions for a biodiesel production refund, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. Amendment S-5108 primarily addresses extension of repeal dates. Ways & Means Passed committee 15-0 on 3/24/14. Amended, passed Senate 48-0 on 4/1/14.Referred to House Ways & Means on 3/2/14.Subcom Moore, Riding, Vander Linden.  Passed subcom 4/15/14. Amended, passed House 96-2 on 4/23/14.  House concurred with amendment.  Senate passed amended bill 48-0 on 4/24/14. Fiscal Note
3/24/14 Ag/DNR Appropriations HF2458 (was HSB679) IDALS WQ Initiative to soil conservation division - $4.4 million;  Nutrient Research Center - $1.5 million. Environment First: CREP $1 million; Watershed Protection - $900,000; Farm Mgmt Demo - $625,000; Soil & Water Conservation - $2.5 million; CRP - $1 million; Soil & Water Conservation - $7,375,000; Loess Hills Dev & Conservation - $800,000;  DNR Fish & Game Protection Fund - $41,223,225; Groundwater Protection Fund (WQ) $3,455.832; Floodplain Management and Dam Safety - $2 million; Forestry Health Management - $200,000; Loess Hills Development & Conservation - $75,000. Environment First: Keepers of the Land - $100,000; State Park Maint/Ops - $4,610,000; GIS - $195,000; WQ Monitoring - $2,955,000; Public Water Supply - $500,000; AFO Regulation - $1,320,000; Ambient AQ - $425,000; Water Quantity Regulation - $495,000; Geological/Water Survey - $200,000; Keep IA Beautiful - $200,000. REAP - $16 million; REAP Open Spaces - $1,300,000.  Amendments: H8176 Removes $150k restriction to support administration of  IDALS WQ Initiative; H8170 increases REAP appropriation to $2 million and adds $5 million  special REAP appropriation (failed 47-41); H8157 appropriates $18.5 million for soil and water conservation with 5% for protecting watersheds above publicly owned lakes, <=$30% to establish management practices to control soil erosion on row-cropped land <=15% for admin and implementation costs, research and demo projects (failed 46-52); H8171 includes eligible disabled and  60+ years old for senior farmer's market program (failed 46-51); H8184 prohibits Loess Hills Alliance from  entering into agreements with governmental entities to involuntarily regulate a private landowner's land (2nd degree amendment - H8210 prohibits IDALS or DNR from paying personnel settlements with appropriations (passed 98-0) (H8184 passed as amended 95-0 ); H8182 addresses concern that Division 15 has nothing to do with IUB or Commerce, removes language and clarifies intent of new language (passed voice vote); H8178 provides $5,000 for study of silica sand mining used in fracking (failed on voice vote).  Senate amendments: S5162 Allows IDALS to support urban soil and water conservation efforts, keeps individual records confidential and held by a nonprofit center that researches nutrients (passed voice vote); S5163 removes property taxes for Lake Delhi land that has now become public property (passed on voice vote ); S5164 state historic registry buildings cannot be acquired by condemnation unless by DOT, relates to taking only property needed through eminent domain for lakes constructed for private drinking water and gives landowners a right to a second opinion, if property taken is not used in 2 years, it can be bought back for lesser of value or purchase price, restores provision as passed by House and not taken up by Senate (found not germane). S5152 passed as amended.  Black pleading Senate for  $16 million from HF2458 and $9 million from standings for REAP, $10 million for closing ag drainage wells. Appropriations Passed Committee 14-9 on 3/24/14. Amended, passed 71-27 on 4/2/14. Referred to Appropriations. Passed committee 12-8 on 4/14/14.  Amended, passed Senate 26-20 on 4/17/14. House refused to concur 4/21/14. Senate insisted 4/21/14.  Conference committee assigned 4/21/14:  Senators Black, Dearden, Wilhelm, Rozenboom, and Chapman; Representatives Drake, Klein, Kaufmann, Bearinger, and Wood. Passed House 97-0 on 4/30/14.  Passed Senate 27-21 on 4/30/14. NOBA
3/26/14 Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure SF2349 (formerly SSB3215) (from Governor's recommendations in SSB3211) DNR: Lake projects with established watershed improvement initiatives - $8.6 million and $1 million to specific county not listed; water trails and low head dams - $2 million with $300k to develop meaningful river restoration program and $700k  for cost-share to initiate and complete river restoration projects; One new state park - $2 million in a specific county not listed; Iowa Parks Foundation for centennial celebration of state parks - $2 million. Amendments:  S5138 - Removed $1 million from DAS for routine maintenance of buildings and facilities (passed 26-23); S5134 - Adds $100k for chapel and Fort Des Moines museum restoration; Adds $180k to a county with population between 36,000 and 37,000 for rec trail improvements; and requires DAS to lease private downtown office space from a bidder rather than issuing an RFP (passed voice vote). Appropriations Appropriations.  Subcom  McCoy, Dvorsky, Chapman. Passed committee 12-7 on 4/3/14. Amended, passed Senate 26-23 on 4/8/14. Passed House Appropriations committee 14-10 on 4/10/14.  Passed house 53-45 on 4/14/14. Senate failed to concur on House amendment S5153 on 4/16/14. House insisted 4/16/14. Conference Committee appointed on 4/17/14 . Reps. Huseman, Maxwell, Landon, Cohoon, Dunkel.  Sens. McCoy, Beall, Bowman, Kapucian, Anderson. NOBA
3/13/14 CO2 regulation resolution HR118 Resolution urging EPA to respect primacy of states and rely on state regulators to develop performance standards for CO2 emissions. H8211 (Isenhart) adds language about wind and solar; also changes word "mix" to "value of renewable energy and its delivery, generation capacity, transmission capacity, transmission and distribution line losses, environmental value," Oppose  Watts, Gassman, Windschitl, Salmon, Huseman, Gustafson, Shaw, Deyoe, Alons, Sheets, R. Taylor, Lofgren, Fisher, Heartsill, Baudler, Rayhons, Worthan, Schultz, Forristall, Dolecheck  
3/31/14 Toxics SF2346 Prohibits use of triclosan in soap, hand sanitizers and toothpaste.  Requires least toxic alternative in the manufacture of these products Support  Bolkcom Judiciary.  Subcom Hogg, Courtney, Schneider.
4/2/14 CA ag production methods HR123 Resolution requesting action to repeal CA's Prop 2 that prohibits CA farmers from employing industry standards used in egg production Grassley, Upmeyer, Alons, Anderson, Bacon, Baltimore, Baudler, Bearinger, Brandenburg, Byrnes, Costello, Cownie, Deyoe, Dolecheck, Drake, Dunkel, Fisher, Forbes, Forristall, Gassman, Gustafson, Hagenow, Hanusa, Heartsill, Heaton, Hein, Hess, Highfill, Hunter, Huseman, Jorgensen, Kaufmann, Kearns, Kelley, Klein, Koester, Landon, Lofgren, Maxwell, H. Miller, L. Miller, Moore, Muhlbauer, S. Olson, Paulsen, Pettengill, Rayhons, Riding, Rogers, Ruff, Salmon, Sands, Schultz, Shaw, Sheets, J. Smith, Soderberg, Stanerson, Stutsman, R. Taylor, Thomas, Vander Linden, Watts, Windschitl, Wood, Worthan Passed by voice vote on 4/3/14.
4/7/14 Increased sales tax for trust fund SSB3217 Increases state sales tax from 6% to  6.125% in 2016, 6.25% in 2017 and 6.375% in 2018.  Proceeds generated to be deposited in Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund.  Income taxes would increase ceilings on income before income taxes are paid during the same time frame  to offset the increased sales tax. Ways & Means Subcom Bolkcom, Black, Feenstra.
4/9/14 Standings HF2473 (was HSB688) Addresses 2015-16 budget process, GA and legislative agency expenses, limitations for standing appropriations for operational support grants and community cultural grants, nonpublic school transportation.  New section reduces AEA aid by $13 million.   increases limits in standing appropriations for FY 2014-2015 made for casino wagering tax proceeds allocated for department of cultural affairs operational support grants and community cultural grants and for the enforcement relating to tobacco product manufacturers. Eliminates a limit in standing appropriations for FY 2014-2015 made for casino wagering tax proceeds allocated for regional tourism marketing. Authorizes payment for claims made against the state, includes miscellaneous provisions regarding grant funding and corrective Code provisions.  Final version: Allocates $1.4 million to DNR's AQ program, solar energy tax credits, snowmobile registration and user permits for residents and nonresidents, restrictions on users under age 18. Also prohibits GA and judicial branches from entering into personnel settlement agreements with state employees that contain confidentiality provisions. Appropriations Subcom Soderberg, Hall, Rogers.  Amended, passed House 53-44 on 4/30/14.  Amended, passed Senate 26-21 on 4/30/14. Amended, passed House 57-40 on 4/30/14.  Senate concurred with S-5209, passed 26-19 on 5/1/14.
4/30/14 One-time Spending/Debt Reduction  SF2363 (was SSB3224) IDALS: $1.24 million for ag drainage well water quality assistance; $3.5 million for water quality initiative fund special projects; $1.5 million for watershed improvement fund; $5 million for soil/water conservation admin; $200,000 for silos and smokestacks.  REAP: $5 million.  Short-term radon testing in schools: $0. Appropriations Passed Committee 4/30/14.  Passed Senate 26-22 on 4/30/14.  Passed House Committee on 4/309/14.  Passed House 97-0 on 4/30/14.